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FSC™ Certification
Ensuring good Forest practices
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   Business Challenge

Consumers, companies, public authorities require more and more guarantees that harvested trees, paper and wood products come from properly managed sources. FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council) certification system enables to differentiate wood products that come from responsible forest management which delivers added value. 
This scheme is based both on sustainable development and good practices principles applied to forest management and on traceability principle applied to trading and processing companies using wood products from the certified forests.



What is FSC™ Certification?
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC™) is an independent NGO (Non Governmental Organization) created in 1993 by environmental NGOs, wood trade organizations, foresters, indigenous people and certification bodies representing 25 countries. It stands as the one of the most globally recognized group promoting forestry certification standards. 
FSC™ is based on two solutions:
- a Forest Management certificate, for companies that manage forest ressources
- a Chain Of Custody certificate, for companies using forest products (i.e. furniture manufacturers, publishers, pulp industries, and all wood products…) to attest the wood origin traceability.
What are the key benefits?
- Increasing consumer confidence
- Ensuring better access to your markets through strong differentiation
- Protecting forest resources
- Improving your brand image 


How to promote my certification?

The Forest Stewardship Council™ certification gives certificate holders the use of the internationally recognized trademarks on promotional materials, visibly demonstrating to supply chain partners high forestry standards compliance. 

Why asking for a FSC™ certification?

FSC™ certification is first a forest management quality or wood products follow up recognition. This is also a way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to sustainable development, it gives your company an edge over competitors and at the end improves your company’s image. 

How much time and money are needed for this certification?  

The certification costs depend on the size, complexity and organisation of your company. Between the formal application and the certificate issuance, it may take a few months, but a Bureau Veritas Certification representative will be able to provide details relative to your unique situation.

What is Complaint and Dispute Resolution Procedure?

Click to download: "FSC complaint handling procedure HK"

Click to link to register a complaint: "Register complaint"

Click to link to all our FSC procedures in different languages: "FSC procedures in different languages"

To understanding our HK Forest organization structure? 

Click to download: "Bureau Veritas Certification HK Forest Organization structure"


   Why Choose Bureau Veritas


With 80,000 clients in more than 140 countries, delivering over 100,000 certificates, Bureau Veritas Certification is the world's leading certification body. 


Forest Stewardship Council™ accredited (globally note 1); Program for Endorsment of Forest Certification schemes (PEFCnote 2) accredited in many countries from which the most famous are the Brazilian, Canadian, American and European schemes (Cerflor, CSA, SFI, PEFC …). 


5,700 highly qualified auditors worldwide with a vast expertise that is recognized by more than 36 national and international accreditation bodies.

Business understanding

Top-qualified audit teams make up Bureau Veritas Certification’s global forestry industry services network. This includes foresters and technical experts who understand the complex nature of the environmental, social and technical aspects of forest management/

Mark of global recognition

The Bureau Veritas Certification Mark is a globally recognized symbol of your organization’s ongoing commitment to excellence, sustainability and reliability.

Combined services

We offer the possibility of combined certifications to the largest range of recognized standards, bringing consistency, optimization and efficiency.

Note 1: Bureau Veritas Certification FSC™ office is accredited by FSC™, Our accreditation registered number is FSC™-ACC-020

Note 2: Bureau Veritas Certification is accredited by PEFC which is recognized by Confrac and other countries’ accreditation body, Our accreditation registered number is PEFC/10-4-1.

   Details of Service
FSC™ Certification Ensuring good Forest practices  
Sustaining our Forests Certifications for all Forest and Wood products industry Players  
11th Jun 2019
Sustainable Tourism & GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council)
31st May 2019
食品安全管理系統 ISO22000: 2018 新版標準研討會
25th Apr 2018
FSC™ 商標新版標準研討會
IRCA Registered ISO45001:2018 Annex SL (Module 1) Training Course
IRCA Registered ISO45001:2018 Modular Auditor Migration (Module 2) Tra ...
IRCA Registered ISO 45001:2018 Auditor Conversion training course
4th Jul 2018
8th Aug 2016
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